Certified Public Accountants
Firm Profile

Tomaso, De Pry & Del Campo has been located in Pasadena since 1965. Prior to this time the firm was located in Los Angeles. The current owner, Wayne De Pry has been with the firm since 1971. Although based in Pasadena, our clients are located throughout the United States and even in Europe. We are a full-service public accounting firm in that we offer services in the areas of auditing, accounting, tax and estate tax return preparation and planning. It is our philosophy to be unique by providing a broad range of service and in-depth industry experience while retaining the personal service and responsiveness which our clients have come to rely on. We believe in the value of relationships. The owner and staff pride ourselves on giving personal, friendly service to all of our clients. We are always available to provide guidance and counseling and can be readily reached by phone should problems arise. We like to think that we work together with you, helping you make a success of your business. For only by your success can we insure our own.

Quality control has always been a prime concern of public accountants. Recently it has become a matter of high public concern as well. Our firm is committed to maintaining the high quality of its professional services. We are a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and have been from its inception in 1982. Membership in this division requires that the member firm undergo a peer review every three years. We are proud to say that we have received an unqualified report in each of the ten reviews we have undergone. A Peer Review entails an inspection of selected accounting and audit workpapers along with an inspection of a firm's administrative procedures by an independent outside auditor.

To insure that our audits conform to our standards of quality control an independent review of the audit report and workpapers is conducted before issuance of the report. Our team members each take a minimum of 24 hours, every two years, of professional development programs specifically geared to auditing and accounting.

Mission Statement:


We communicate with our clients frequently, not limiting ourselves solely to recounting history, but take a proactive role in making recommendations which aid them in obtaining a more enriching life.

We are friendly and courteous to our team members and clients.

Everyone we encounter is treated with respect and not taken for granted.

We are honest, truthful and up-front with ourselves and others.

We empower others with a sense of self worth.

Most importantly, we have fun while doing this.

We are an AWESOME Accounting Practice.